New Year ... New Beginnings

Hi All,

Entering into 2021 will be the best thing that could happen to all of us.  For the optimist, just hitting the midnight mark in 2020, indicates a new year with new beginnings.  For the weary warrior, who has lost basic freedoms, lost motivation and lost loved ones...the new year is welcomed and they're all ready to put the past behind and push on regardless!

If you are like most people, who by now are over the  working from home, the masking, 6' social distancing and family're looking forward to breaking out of the maximum security environment and enjoying the freedom of movement, expression and thinking....but wait... will this present lifestyle be the new norm?  Will we ever be free like we used to be again?  Are all the conspiracy theories really true?  Can we trust what we are hearing....what we are seeing?  The eternal optimist says....a unanimous yes!!!

Fortunately, there is a cleft in the rock that has a safety net in these uncertain on my website and wander through the pages to discover just how safe your environment can be with the use of essential oils...seriously....absolutely, yes.  Just tap into the information about our 100% pure therapeutic essential oils that you can safely use in your environment.

As you scroll through my site home page you'll be directed toward a couple of options...Membership [purchasing at wholesale}; Independent Distributor [purchasing at wholesale and selling at retail]. or, you might just be one of those people who only want to order and not be bothered about all the details.  In short, just get me the product and let me know how much it cost.  Good news!...I can do that for you...send me an's your choice!

During these times, as the eternal optimist, I purposed to use adversity in a situation to create opportunity, frustration to create motivation, anger to create compassion and silence to create reflection.  I did have an a retiree...I worked from home.  I had opportunity to sit in the fresh air and get Vitamin D as needed.   I recognized, of course, that there is a challenge to our health during these, I obediently wear a mask, observe social distancing, keep the advised bubble ... all as recommended.

In addition to all the above, I added essential oils to my environment, as I do each day to combat any unforeseen attack on my immune system.  Not just any oils...100% pure therapeutic oils from Young Living.  their 'seed to seal' guarantee has paid me dividends over the years and I continue to enjoy their benefits daily.

I invite you and your family to journey through my and learn more about the amazing benefits that I and my family enjoy!

Happy New Year!


Sheena Notter

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