Essential Oils and Pink Eye

School is in and It's another round of "pink eye," the common term for conjunctivitis, and inflammation of the membrane covering your eyeball. An eye that is usually clear is now red, every tiny capillary standing out as though on a map. The lid is puffy, dripping and your eye is downright sore, or not, but it looks disgusting.

Pink eye is cased by viruses or bacteria and can be very infectious, especially amoung children. It is usually a minor infection that will go away on its own. You can also get it because of allergies, pollutants and even from fatigue.  Essential oils boost your immune system and circulation, helping to fight off microbes. They offer antisepsis, protecting against reinfection or passing it along. Oils work well in sprays and soaps too!

There are oils that aid sleep and are calming while living with pink eye. Others have antioxidant abilities to clear inflamed tissues. Some offer analgesia to lessen the achy discomfort caused by pink eye. Adding it up, essential oils provide a lot during a bout with conjunctivitis!  The oils in this blog can be used for kids age 2 and older! As you read on, you'll find tips and receipes to help care for your dear one.

1. Lavender Oil [Lavandula Angustifolia] - cited as the 'queen of herbs' gently bestows gifts that reduce the selling and redness of inflamed tissues. It is known to repel microbes, such as viruses or baceria chat cause pink eye. Lavender supports any discomfort you are experiencing, as it is analgesic. lavender is a welcome sleep aid, indluding for you child, age 2 or older. Use tip: A linen spray provides comfort and encourages sleep. Add a drop of lavender to 10ml carrier oil and 3ml witch hazel. Blend well, add to 30 ml distilled water in a glass spray bottle. Spray dilution on your linen 15 minutes before bedtime.

2. Tea Tree Oil [Melaleuca Alternifolia]- used for generations to thwart microbes with its cleansing antisepsis and ability to repel viruses. Powerful components offer a bouquet of beneficial actions. Stimulating your immune system offering extra aid when dealing with pink eye. It's camphor qualities give breathing a boost when inflamed eyes cause nasal congestion. Use tip: Blend 4 drops tea tree with carrier oil, massaging on the front of your neck. The oil will be absorbed and delivered to your eye tissues. Children age 2 and older, use a 0.5% topical dilution by adding 1 drop of tea tree to 10ml carrier oil or 30 ml vodka [to thin oils for wicking with reed/skewer]

3. Other Oils in the arsenal are Helichrysum Oil; Patchouli Oil; Frankincense Oil; Copbaiba Oil; Roman Chamomile Oil; Juniper Oil...all these can used in the following recipes

  • -- a glass vase or bottle with spray pump
  • -- 120 ml of carrier oil; or 15ml of witch hazel; or 30ml of aloe vera gel
  • -- 30 ml vodka to thin oils for wicking [wtih reeds/skewers]
  • -- 14 drops of tea tree
  • -- 12 drops lavender
  • -- 10 drops of juniper
  • -- 8 drops of Roman Chamomile
  • -- 6 drops of frankincense
  • -- 6 drops of patchoili
  • -- 4 drops of Copaiba

All recipes are recommendations only -- it's prudent to review all brands as to their purity.  Apply recommendations at your own risk.

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