Change is in the air...

Can you feel it....change is in the air. It's May ...The days are getting longer again, Sunset has moved ahead a lot. Pretty soon you'll be turning on the fans and air conditioners, doing your spring cleaning to remove all the mold and dust of the winter and for some regions planting crops. Schools are almost ready  to release students for the summer..all will change...their classes, their teachers, their curriculum and their perspectives.

Along with the vax impetus there are still regimes like wearing face masks, continuous hand-washing, social distancing...there'll be opportunities to pass on your experiences through a very difficult and tumultuous time in our history. You may never forget what you had to endure during these times...but what you gained is immeasurable. Immediate family time was renewed - we really got to know each other through the good, the bad and the ugly of each person. Social distancing was difficult for some, but a savior for others. All had to paddle in our own streams. We became inventive, appreciative and thankful for what we have. Sadly reminiscent for what we didn't have....freedom of movement!

While I didn't have the freedom of movement, I had the freedom of choice with Essential Oils. Young Living has exquisite oils for every occasion, for every man, woman, child and I brewed my favorite English Breakfast Tea and laced it with Lemongrass and Peppermint Essential Oils...oh the Joy! 

Speaking of Joy....dabbed a few drops of Joy essential Oil behind my ears and on the base of my neck and on my inner wrists over the pulse points. Hmm...the electromagnetic field of the Joy Essential Oil blend supercharged my own electromagnetic field and bumped it up several notches to peak performance. I diffused the house with Purification Essential Oil to clear out odors, any allergens and mold spores circulating. Spritzed the bed linen with Seedlings Linen Spray....lovely! Washed up the few dishes with Thieves Dish-washing Liquid, put on the laundry and added Thieves Laundry Soap.

What's next! Fresh air and sunshine....lots of natural Vitamin D...roll on summer...

Out of school for some, for me it's in the DIY mode...using Young Living Essential Oils to make my own blends...bring it on!

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Sheena Notter


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