A Summer to Remember

Hi All,

The Summer of all summers.  A Summer to remember!  The heat and humidity are rising daily with just a tinge of breeze.  Lemons come to mind - with lots of cool, fresh, home made lemonade.  Young Living also add to their lineup for Summer, Lushious Lemon Essential Oil, Lushious Lemon Hand Lotion and Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap.  Not only are you treating your hands to the lushious scent of lemon using their Lushious lemon Hand Lotion, but also their Foaming Hand Soap -- adding this indulgent aroma that pampers your senses to your daily routine.  Scrumptuous!

For the love of lemons. If bright, fresh, citrusy scents give you a lift, you’re going to love Lushious Lemon essential oil. Neutralize unwanted odors and fill your space with this cheerful blend of Lemon Myrtle and Lemon, Ylang Ylang, and cool, inviting Spearmint and Eucalyptus Globulus. Try the foaming soap, and hydrating lotion too!

Have questions? See something that interests you? I am here to help.


Sheena Notter


e:  essentialoilsbysheena@gmail.com


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Change is in the air...

Can you feel it....change is in the air. It's May ...The days are getting longer again, Sunset has moved ahead a lot. Pretty soon you'll be turning on the fans and air conditioners, doing your spring cleaning to remove all the mold and dust of the winter and for some regions planting crops. Schools are almost ready  to release students for the summer..all will change...their classes, their teachers, their curriculum and their perspectives.

Along with the vax impetus there are still regimes like wearing face masks, continuous hand-washing, social distancing...there'll be opportunities to pass on your experiences through a very difficult and tumultuous time in our history. You may never forget what you had to endure during these times...but what you gained is immeasurable. Immediate family time was renewed - we really got to know each other through the good, the bad and the ugly of each person. Social distancing was difficult for some, but a savior for others. All had to paddle in our own streams. We became inventive, appreciative and thankful for what we have. Sadly reminiscent for what we didn't have....freedom of movement!

While I didn't have the freedom of movement, I had the freedom of choice with Essential Oils. Young Living has exquisite oils for every occasion, for every man, woman, child and animal...today I brewed my favorite English Breakfast Tea and laced it with Lemongrass and Peppermint Essential Oils...oh the Joy! 

Speaking of Joy....dabbed a few drops of Joy essential Oil behind my ears and on the base of my neck and on my inner wrists over the pulse points. Hmm...the electromagnetic field of the Joy Essential Oil blend supercharged my own electromagnetic field and bumped it up several notches to peak performance. I diffused the house with Purification Essential Oil to clear out odors, any allergens and mold spores circulating. Spritzed the bed linen with Seedlings Linen Spray....lovely! Washed up the few dishes with Thieves Dish-washing Liquid, put on the laundry and added Thieves Laundry Soap.

What's next! Fresh air and sunshine....lots of natural Vitamin D...roll on summer...

Out of school for some, for me it's in the DIY mode...using Young Living Essential Oils to make my own blends...bring it on!

Check out my website

Sheena Notter



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Essential Oils and Pink Eye

School is in and It's another round of "pink eye," the common term for conjunctivitis, and inflammation of the membrane covering your eyeball. An eye that is usually clear is now red, every tiny capillary standing out as though on a map. The lid is puffy, dripping and your eye is downright sore, or not, but it looks disgusting.

Pink eye is cased by viruses or bacteria and can be very infectious, especially amoung children. It is usually a minor infection that will go away on its own. You can also get it because of allergies, pollutants and even from fatigue.  Essential oils boost your immune system and circulation, helping to fight off microbes. They offer antisepsis, protecting against reinfection or passing it along. Oils work well in sprays and soaps too!

There are oils that aid sleep and are calming while living with pink eye. Others have antioxidant abilities to clear inflamed tissues. Some offer analgesia to lessen the achy discomfort caused by pink eye. Adding it up, essential oils provide a lot during a bout with conjunctivitis!  The oils in this blog can be used for kids age 2 and older! As you read on, you'll find tips and receipes to help care for your dear one.

1. Lavender Oil [Lavandula Angustifolia] - cited as the 'queen of herbs' gently bestows gifts that reduce the selling and redness of inflamed tissues. It is known to repel microbes, such as viruses or baceria chat cause pink eye. Lavender supports any discomfort you are experiencing, as it is analgesic. lavender is a welcome sleep aid, indluding for you child, age 2 or older. Use tip: A linen spray provides comfort and encourages sleep. Add a drop of lavender to 10ml carrier oil and 3ml witch hazel. Blend well, add to 30 ml distilled water in a glass spray bottle. Spray dilution on your linen 15 minutes before bedtime.

2. Tea Tree Oil [Melaleuca Alternifolia]- used for generations to thwart microbes with its cleansing antisepsis and ability to repel viruses. Powerful components offer a bouquet of beneficial actions. Stimulating your immune system offering extra aid when dealing with pink eye. It's camphor qualities give breathing a boost when inflamed eyes cause nasal congestion. Use tip: Blend 4 drops tea tree with carrier oil, massaging on the front of your neck. The oil will be absorbed and delivered to your eye tissues. Children age 2 and older, use a 0.5% topical dilution by adding 1 drop of tea tree to 10ml carrier oil or 30 ml vodka [to thin oils for wicking with reed/skewer]

3. Other Oils in the arsenal are Helichrysum Oil; Patchouli Oil; Frankincense Oil; Copbaiba Oil; Roman Chamomile Oil; Juniper Oil...all these can used in the following recipes

  • -- a glass vase or bottle with spray pump
  • -- 120 ml of carrier oil; or 15ml of witch hazel; or 30ml of aloe vera gel
  • -- 30 ml vodka to thin oils for wicking [wtih reeds/skewers]
  • -- 14 drops of tea tree
  • -- 12 drops lavender
  • -- 10 drops of juniper
  • -- 8 drops of Roman Chamomile
  • -- 6 drops of frankincense
  • -- 6 drops of patchoili
  • -- 4 drops of Copaiba

All recipes are recommendations only -- it's prudent to review all brands as to their purity.  Apply recommendations at your own risk.

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Wet, Windy and Wild Weather

February 2021 in all its tumult still affords opportunity to reflect inside while the weather is wet, windy and wild outside.  There is a lot of psychological baggage emerging from the continuous lock-down, masking, distancing and anti-social activities.  Not the norm at all.  Still these times can be opportunitties to indulge yourself and your family in some goodness from the earth.   This month I'm adding a few suggestions that are easily made and the whole family can participate in the process to  create joy, laughter and peace....let's have some DIY fun!  Of course, use caution in application to children under 12 years of age.  Always dilute, dilute, dilute...some oils have very strong aromas. 

The following oils can be topically applied or diffused [in hot water or diffuser] : Bergamot, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranim, jasmine, juniper, Lavender, Marjoram, Orange, Rose, Sandalwood, Tangerine and Ylang Ylang

Room Spray: [10-30 drops Essential Oil to 4-8 ounces of spring or rain water, or no more 15 drops to two ounces carrier oil].

Anxiety:  [10-30 drops Essential Oil to 4-8 ounces of spring or rain water, or no more than 15 drops to two ounces carrier oil]. 

The bath: [generally 5-15 drops in running hot water] add baking soda or epsom salts

Inhalation:  [one long sniff {both nostrils] directly from the bottle] & [dime-size in the palm of your hand, rubbed together & inhale

Foot bath:  [2-6 drops to 8-16 ozs of very hot water]

Massage: [10-30 drops in 30ml carrier oil] - [1-3 drops essential oil per 5ml carrier oil is adequate]  The benefits of massage are both ...  physical and  psychological.

Sleep:  [1-2 drops of essential oil on pillow] [1-2 drops of essential oil in black tea w/honey & lemon]

You or your family may require more intricate blends for specific physical and/or psychological situations.  As a Certified Aromatherapist, I can guide you toward the most appropriate oils should your situation transcend the general applications above.   

I would love to hear about the blends that you come up with for any of the suggestions given, or the blends that you come up with on your own.  No right or wrong answer... just enjoy oils!

Best Ever,


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New Year ... New Beginnings

Hi All,

Entering into 2021 will be the best thing that could happen to all of us.  For the optimist, just hitting the midnight mark in 2020, indicates a new year with new beginnings.  For the weary warrior, who has lost basic freedoms, lost motivation and lost loved ones...the new year is welcomed and they're all ready to put the past behind and push on regardless!

If you are like most people, who by now are over the  working from home, the masking, 6' social distancing and family bubbles...you're looking forward to breaking out of the maximum security environment and enjoying the freedom of movement, expression and thinking....but wait... will this present lifestyle be the new norm?  Will we ever be free like we used to be again?  Are all the conspiracy theories really true?  Can we trust what we are hearing....what we are seeing?  The eternal optimist says....a unanimous yes!!!

Fortunately, there is a cleft in the rock that has a safety net in these uncertain times...click on my website and wander through the pages to discover just how safe your environment can be with the use of essential oils...seriously....absolutely, yes.  Just tap into the information about our 100% pure therapeutic essential oils that you can safely use in your environment.

As you scroll through my site home page you'll be directed toward a couple of options...Membership [purchasing at wholesale}; Independent Distributor [purchasing at wholesale and selling at retail]. or, you might just be one of those people who only want to order and not be bothered about all the details.  In short, just get me the product and let me know how much it cost.  Good news!...I can do that for you...send me an email...it's your choice!

During these times, as the eternal optimist, I purposed to use adversity in a situation to create opportunity, frustration to create motivation, anger to create compassion and silence to create reflection.  I did have an advantage...as a retiree...I worked from home.  I had opportunity to sit in the fresh air and get Vitamin D as needed.   I recognized, of course, that there is a challenge to our health during these times...so, I obediently wear a mask, observe social distancing, keep the advised bubble ... all as recommended.

In addition to all the above, I added essential oils to my environment, as I do each day to combat any unforeseen attack on my immune system.  Not just any oils...100% pure therapeutic oils from Young Living.  their 'seed to seal' guarantee has paid me dividends over the years and I continue to enjoy their benefits daily.

I invite you and your family to journey through my site...www.essentialoilsbysheena.com and learn more about the amazing benefits that I and my family enjoy!

Happy New Year!


Sheena Notter



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